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Inova Healthplex Office
6355 Walker Lane, Ste 401, Alexandria, VA 22310
Potomac Yard Office
3600 S. Glebe Rd., Ste 150, Arlington, VA 22202


Inova Healthplex: Mon-Thu: 6am-8pm | Fri: 6am-6pm | Sat: 8am-12pm | Sun: closed

Potomac Yard: Mon-Thu: 6am-8pm | Fri: 6am-6pm | Sat: closed | Sun: 8am-12pm


Pre-travel Consultations

We are offering travel visits as a convenience for existing patients. Please bear in mind that travel consultations, vaccines, and preventative medicines are not covered by most health insurance plans.

A few things to bear in mind:

  • You should expect to encounter out-of-pocket costs for travel vaccines and preventative medicines.
  • Traveling with infants under 6 months of age is not recommended unless there is no alternative, because babies this age cannot be vaccinated for measles.
  • Most travel visits should be made at least 4 weeks before departure to allow for full immunity to develop in patients receiving Hepatitis A vaccine, MMR vaccine, or Yellow Fever vaccine with some notable exceptions:
    • Children between ages 9 and 48 months of age who need both MMR vaccine (either their first or second dose) AND Yellow Fever vaccine must schedule their first travel visit at least 8 weeks prior to departure. This is because MMR and YF vaccines are both live vaccines, and administration of YF vaccine can interfere with MMR’s immunogenicity if they are not given at least 4 weeks apart.
  • Adult travelers will also need travel vaccines and preventative medicines prior to travel. Please note that as we are a pediatrics practice, we do not provide these services to adults. Please contact your doctor for more information about where you can obtain travel vaccines.

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