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Asthma can take your breath away but it doesn’t have to take away a normal childhood. Our asthma providers at Pediatric Associates of Alexandria can help children breathe easier and achieve their best possible quality of life.

Here at Pediatric Associates of Alexandria, we know that asthma is a common, yet complicated, disease. We strive to educate parents on your child’s individual asthma triggers and how best to manage their symptoms. At each asthma visit, we will take the time to review your child’s history and symptoms before coming up with a customized treatment plan that meets their specific needs.  This individualized plan will include step-by-step details on how to recognize their specific asthma flare-ups and what to do when they occur.

Our asthma providers practice in accordance with the National Lung, Heart and Blood Institute expert guidelines to ensure we are the most current in asthma management. When indicated, your child’s asthma provider will obtain spirometry to better assess lung function and partner with other specialists, as needed, to be certain we are providing the best possible care.  Your child will typically follow up every three to six months, enabling us to manage changes in care throughout the year.

If you feel your child may have asthma, or if their asthma symptoms are not well managed, please contact us for an appointment with one of our asthma providers.


Thank you for trusting your child's medical care to us. We hope these changes will help us to continue to provide the best pediatric care possible.


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