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As part of our ongoing efforts to improve patient care, we would like to announce our new PAA Asthma Champions program. PAA has always helped families manage their children's asthma. We now plan to formalize and standardize that care for our patients.

PAA Asthma Champions are doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses who have devoted time and training to become our asthma specialists. They will be providing care to our asthma patients through asthma check up visits. At these visits your child’s asthma control will be assessed and treatment plans made to keep your child active, healthy and not in the emergency room.

Asthma is a chronic illness, and, as with other chronic illnesses, should be monitored. We are asking families to have their child with asthma seen every 3 months for an asthma check up.

So from now on when you call in for an albuterol refill, you will speak with one of our staff to make sure your child has had a current asthma check up. If not, your child will be scheduled to be seen. Asthma check up visits are for monitoring control of asthma. Of course, if your child is sick and having an asthma flare we will schedule you to bring your child in that day.

Thank you for trusting your child's medical care to us. We hope these changes will help us to continue to provide the best pediatric care possible.

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