The PAA Doctor’s Blog is Back!

PAA is kicking off 2022 with a revamp of our monthly blog post! We hope this will keep PAA families informed on what’s happening at the practice and in our wild world of child health.

COVID-wise January 2022

The holidays and the emergence of the Omicron variant has brought COVID back with a vengeance.  Like the rest of the country, our community is seeing a tremendous surge in cases, including in children.  Thankfully, severe illness in children remains very rare. In reporting states, children represent a very small percent of hospitalized patients, and virtually zero cases of COVID in children resulted in death. However, continued vigilance and research is paramount.

In order to safely increase our testing capacity, PAA is re-instituting parking lot testing. Children will first be evaluated via telemedicine appointments to assess risk.  From these appointments, parking lot testing, done from your car, will be scheduled from 7-8 pm at our Healthplex office.

PAA continues to vaccinate all children five years and older and booster children 12 years and older. So far, we have vaccinated over 1,100 children in our community! The vaccine has proven extremely well-tolerated and safe in children.  Please call our office to schedule an appointment for one of our COVID vaccine clinics.

On December 27, the CDC made significant changes in their recommendations, shortening periods of required isolation and quarantine in some situations.  While PAA is following these guidelines, some school systems including Fairfax County ( and some childcare centers are recommending longer periods due to limits in distancing and masking capabilities during meal times.

We will work with families to help navigate this rapidly evolving process. Together we can keep our children safe, healthy and in school.