We are in the midst of another summer. Some people have come back from their vacation, some are on vacation, others are preparing to get away during these next few weeks. Whatever the case, people have been keeping busy. There are lot of new babies- and new parents. Others are working through these warm months. It seems like only yesterday we were complaining about the frigid temperatures and how the threat of snow closed down schools for almost a week. Those days will be soon upon us again. “Back to school” sales seeks to remind us of the upcoming winter days.

Ever since I was little I always wondered one thing: why do back-to-school sales start one month before it’s time to go back to school. I was always enjoying my summer vacation, when the TV (not cable) started “talking” about all the sales. Even though it was almost a month until school started again, I had to be reminded of the end of summer. To this day, it still happens- except now it is on TV, in print, and online. Why do you need a month to get ready to go back to school? I wanted to enjoy my vacation, not worry about school supplies in August.

Christmas sales start around Columbus Day, seemingly earlier each year. Halloween candy seems to come out as soon as school starts. There always seems to be an upcoming holiday. It seems as if all the advertising companies like to focus on the future, but not on the present.. When you’re in school, there’s no time like the present. The future, whether one week or one year is a long time away. For certain things, adults should take a look at the world from the view of a child. You will see a different environment. (The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry focuses on this matter. It is a children’s book which is not really a children’s book.)

As everybody getting ready to go back to school, savor these last few days of summer. Once they are gone, they will only remain as memories. Enjoy the time spent with your families. Try to save the back-to-school shopping for a little bit closer to when school starts- if possible. Have a great summer – it is still not over.
Andreas D Sideridis, MD